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Welcome to the Major Oak Polishing Blog where we cover everything related to surface restoration. Whether you need a step by step how to guide or are just looking for information we have an article to help.

How to Look After a Wooden Floor

Hardwood floors are beautiful and durable. However, certain factors can easily damage your wooden floors if they are not properly looked after. Environmental factors such as snow, salt and dirt being trodden into the house can have a detrimental effect of the beauty...

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What is French Polishing & Why Choose It?

Here at Major Oak Polishing, we have the finest team of experts that can provide you with the highest quality service on every French Polishing project. But what is French Polishing and why should you choose it? In this blog post, we shall try and explain all! The...

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How to Repair a Wooden Door

To repair a wooden door that has a split panel, loose frame or wobbly hinges may seem like a chore. However, it is often an easier option than replacing an entire door and frame. To repair successfully repair a wooden door, you will usually need just a few basic...

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How to Restore a Wooden Staircase

An original wooden staircase can provide a lot of charm and character to a period home. However, over time most will experience a significant amount of wear and tear and start to show their age. In this article, we will be giving you some guidance on how you can...

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How to Make The Most of The Brown Furniture Trend

Brown furniture is making a huge comeback. The colours of dark wood, such as the baked-biscuit oak shades, cherry/plum mahogany’s and the glossy mottled design of walnut are capturing the attention of more buyers. It fell out of fashion a few years ago with people...

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The 10 Best Places to Shop for Antique Furniture

Antiques don’t have to be expensive; there are many places you can shop to grab yourself a bargain, or even that statement piece that you really want to invest in. The joy is in the hunt for those pieces that speak to you and the vision of the look you wish to create.

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