Here at Major Oak Polishing, we have the finest team of experts that can provide you with the highest quality service on every French Polishing project. But what is French Polishing and why should you choose it? In this blog post, we shall try and explain all!

The technique of French Polishing has been around since the 15th century and gained in popularity in the 18th century. It provides surfaces with a high gloss shine that is second to none. It enhances the deep rich colours of the darker, fine-grained woods such as mahogany, walnut and rosewood.

What is French Polishing

Fragments of Shellac, the key component of French Polishing

Benefits of French Polishing

French polishing can be used on a variety of surfaces from musical instruments, to floors and fine furniture. The technique restores wooden surfaces by removing scratches, watermarks and even dents and gouges.

Musical Instruments really do look beautiful once they have been treated. Think of that grand piano you have seen in a stately home. The French Polish gives the classic and expensive looking finish that is highly regarded. Likewise, floors and staircases benefit from the rich warm and elegant feel that French polishing provides as well as benefiting from the longevity of the treatment.

French polishing restores your wooden artefacts to their former glory, giving you the joy of seeing the splendour of the wood. Our team of specialists will ensure that you are left with a top quality finish that will protect the wood for years to come.

The Process

French Polish is a liquid mixture of Shellac resin and alcohol. The mixture is applied using a polish mop or a pad of wadding wrapped in cotton called a Fad.

A French Polisher applies the first coat with the grain of the wood using the polish mop; then they will sand using a fine abrasive paper. A polish rubber is used to apply further Shellac coats very lightly either with the grain of the wood or in a figure of eight. Each layer is applied with slightly more pressure than the last, something that our experts deliver with precision.

The long-lasting and durable finish of French Polish is created by layering the Shellac creating a perfectly flat film. This is also what creates the high shine and flawless finish.

Choices of Colour

There are a lot of different shades of French Polish available, and you can even create a custom colour using powder spirit stains.

Button polish is a yellowish colour and gains its name from the large discs (buttons) that it is made from. Garnet is a brown polish; Orange is a golden brown and White and Transparent are both clear. However, white polish can give a milky appearance on some high-gloss work.

It is worth noting that all polishes have a shelf life and should never be used once they have ‘gone off’ or expired. White polish has the shortest shelf life of just twelve months.

Why Choose French Polishing

French Polishing, when done properly, creates a smooth mirror finish that modern lacquers and varnishes cannot match. When done by specialists, you will be left with a surface that is free from imperfections and has a high quality, high shine finish.

It is a more time consuming and delicate process than modern techniques. However, the finish achieved is worth it. If there is any subsequent damage, it will be much simpler to repair. Another advantage of the process is the longevity it offers when compared with the other available options.

French Polishing creates very little dust and mess, which means that it is safe and easy to carry out in your home. The environmentally friendly Shellac used is a non-toxic naturally occurring resin that won’t create overpowering fumes causing headaches.

To create a project that is the talking point of your home and the envy of all your family and friends, talk to one of our skilled professionals today for a free assessment and quote. Let our team reveal the natural beauty of your wooden floors, instruments or fine furnishings.