Brown furniture is making a huge comeback. The colours of dark wood, such as the baked-biscuit oak shades, cherry/plum mahogany’s and the glossy mottled design of walnut are capturing the attention of more buyers. It fell out of fashion a few years ago with people opting for a more minimal look, clean lines, blonde wood, and Scandinavian designs. However, we are starting to see a backlash against this simple white, flat packed world.

Auction houses and antique dealers say now is the perfect time to pick up some amazing pieces at relatively low prices. A key thing to remember is that the piece you want may not look perfect. However, careful restoration of a good quality item of furniture will give you a piece to treasure forever. By introducing antique furniture in to your home, you can add a touch of gravitas while creating a unique style.

Antique Brown Furniture

What to Look Out For When Buying Brown Furniture

Each design choice is now focussing on the individual and unique pieces that make a statement. There is also a trend for the ‘buy local’, and ‘shop small’ campaigns that are further supporting our desire for ‘up-cycling’ and ‘antique renovation’.

Today’s consumer is so much more environmentally aware. Shopping habits are changing due to the negative environmental impact of constantly buying new.

Buying a Victorian chest of drawers for less than £100 is not only cheaper than an Ikea set but is also far superior in terms of quality. The Victorian chest of drawers also comes with a sense of history that modern furniture can never have. Each piece of antique furniture has a story to tell, and restoring it to its former glory is a highly satisfying experience.

When buying brown furniture, look for pieces that are in good condition, even if in need of a little restoration. Unlike modern MDF, these pieces were designed to be restored over and over. Go for something that has a bit of a wow factor in colour, grain and design.

It is advisable when buying brown furniture not to buy any piece that has bits missing or mismatched sections. A shabby surface or wobbly joints are easy to fix, but replacing missing pieces is a lot harder. Be savvy, if it is a ‘bargain’, then it is probably a bargain for a reason.

Take your time to pick your piece, don’t rush it. Choose something that speaks to you. Look at the quality of the wood, the grain and the pattern. Remember, it is possible to restore anything that has a good foundation of the original piece. A little TLC can go a long way and breathe new life into antique furniture.

How to Incorporate Brown Furniture in a Modern Home

When incorporating your brown furniture into the modern home, there are a few things to consider.

Brown Furniture Trend

Modern houses don’t always have the space that older homes had. It is therefore important to consider your living space when choosing your piece. Ladder back chairs, small, quirky coffee tables etc. all fit easily into the modern smaller living spaces and just add that touch of elegance to your home.

Try placing your antique wooden pieces against a pure white wall allowing them to breathe, or pairing them with a brightly patterned contemporary piece. A slightly raw finish to the furniture, rather than high-gloss will create a more modern look.

If you don’t want your home to look cluttered, try moving furniture away from the walls, giving it space, rather than pushing every piece to the edge of the room and leaving a space in the middle.

Think outside the box, repurpose your brown furniture and use it in unexpected ways. You could use an antique oak coffer as a storage box in the porch, a console table as a vanity unit or side tables as nightstands.

Whatever you do, think about what you are pairing the brown furniture with. If you are standing a dark vanity unit in a marble bathroom, this will look classic and striking. Using a light floral wallpaper behind a brown dressing table will give a feminine elegance.

In Conclusion

There are no ‘rules’ when it comes to choosing your brown furniture, except to go for something that intrigues you. If it speaks to you and makes you happy, you will find a way to make it work in your home.

We are no longer bound by one simple style; we can mix and match across the decades to create a truly unique living space that is purely for our own benefit.

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